v0.2.0 (16/5/2021)


  • MMOCR is compiling-free via moving textdet postprocessing and ops to mmcv 1.3.4 or later.

  • Add a new OCR downstream task-NER.

  • Add two new text detection methods: DRRG and FCENet.

  • Add a new text recognition method: TPS-CRNN.

  • Add an end-to-end demo.

v0.1.0 (7/4/2021)


  • MMOCR is released.

Main Features

  • Support text detection, text recognition and the corresponding downstream tasks such as key information extraction.

  • For text detection, support both single-step (PSENet, PANet, DBNet, TextSnake) and two-step (MaskRCNN) methods.

  • For text recognition, support CTC-loss based method CRNN; Encoder-decoder (with attention) based methods SAR, Robustscanner; Segmentation based method SegOCR; Transformer based method NRTR.

  • For key information extraction, support GCN based method SDMG-R.

  • Provide checkpoints and log files for all of the methods above.